Our Story

Meet our wonderful team of three very motivated people.



Co-Founder, Electronic Music Extraordinaire

Have you ever heard a drop and went “wow, that was an amazing drop”? Well Michael has been through that experience thousands of times, except he is the one making the drop.  Michael is an accomplished audio engineer, producer, and educator (his credits and accolades are too lengthy for this spotlight) as well as an expert in electronic music. Oh, AND he can sing. And play guitar. And piano. And drums. And… well, I think you get the idea.



Co-Founder, Master of Most Instruments

If you ever meet Avery, you’ll notice that he never stops singing. Is he a good singer? Debatable. Is he annoying? Debatable (yes). Is he talented? When it comes to guitar, bass, drums, keys, ukelele, and harmonica, yes – very.  Again, singing? Kinda. And you guessed it! Avery is also a professional mix engineer and producer with experience in just about any genre you can think of. If you end up meeting him, feel free to ask him to stop singing (and/or dancing) at any time – he will surely not get offended.



Co-Founder, Composition and Lyrical Genius

When Keaton wakes up in the morning, she has already written at least 4 songs.  She finds inspiration in all things and is constantly composing and honing her craft. An esteemed audio engineer and producer (notice a trend?), Keaton has brought to life troves of her own music and the music of others and has garnered thousands of listeners on multiple streaming platforms. Keaton is a cellist, guitarist, and singer, and her songs will be stuck in your head for at least the remainder of the week.

We skipped the typical “this is what we do in our free time” stuff because this is literally what we do in our free time – all the time, every day, until we perish.